Automatic bolt installation for BOSSARD in France

April 26, 2021
Latest company case about Automatic bolt installation for BOSSARD in France

     In March 2019, our company visited BOSSARD in France after attending the fastener exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. We were warmly received by the leaders of the company. They introduced BOSSARD's development history, management mode, procurement mode, inspection mode and so on to us. And we visited the company's automated storage, laboratory, office area, sample area and so on. Which lefted us a very deep impact.


     We believe that we can bring our company a qualitative leap through the cooperation with the top European fastener enterprises. Not only in the quality of sublimation, but also in the management mode.






Project Name:DIN931 CLASS 6.8  Cr3+


Quantity: 2 containers

Marking:QBH 6.8